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Frequently Asked

What are the most common causes of failure in entering the UK?

Tapeworm treatment issues account for most of the failures, pet owners not arranging the treatment within the defined timeframe, failure for the vet to put correct time, date, no clear veterinary stamp, tippex used or no vet signature.

Are there any age restrictions for pets being brought into the UK?

Pets must be at least 15 weeks old. They must have been vaccinated on or after 12 weeks of age and there is a 21 day wait before they can move between Member States.

What happens to pets that fail entry to the UK?

If pets are not found to have met the rules when they arrive in the UK, they will be licensed into quarantine, reexported or destroyed. It is most likely that pet owners will choose for their animals to enter quarantine.

What happens if the microchip cannot be read?

In the event you are unable to scan and read the original microchip, the pet must be re-chipped. If the pet has been previously prepared for travel, then it must be re-prepared in accordance with pet travel rules.

Do Dogs require a tapeworm treatment if they are leaving the UK?

No dogs leaving the UK entering France/Holland/Spain do not need a tapeworm treatment however if travelling with us they will be expected to have the “ Clinical examination” which means “ Fit for Travel” 24 hours before our collection and a vet needs to stamp and sign the clinical examination page in the back of the pet passport. A separate health certificate is NOT REQUIRED.